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Using LapSafe Self Service

We offer students laptops for loan from a special self-service cabinet.

What is LapSafe

LapSafe logoThe LapSafe laptop rental service unit located in the Luke Wadding library. This service offers students the ability to borrow high-spec laptops for assignments, studying, and research.

To use the service, simply approach the LapSafe facility in the library behind the porter's desk scan in your card. All necessary software for coursework and research is already installed on the laptops, and they are regularly maintained and updated for optimal performance.

This service is perfect for students who prefer not to carry their personal laptops to class or those who require a high-spec laptop for academic projects but do not want to purchase one. The LapSafe laptop rental service provides an affordable and convenient solution for your laptop needs.

The loan period of these laptops is up to six hours, and the laptops, therefore, have to be returned on the same day.

Where is the LapSafe cabinet?

The LapSafe unit (Pictured) can be seen to the right, behind the Porter's desk, as you enter the library.  

The location of the library's LapSafe cabinet.







Using LapSafe

Using LapSafe follows these simple steps.


  1. Scan your ID card at the locker, under the touch-screen, then accept the terms and conditions
  2. Go to the locker indicated on the screen (the one to the left or the right of the central screen) and scan your barcode again in the little slot in that locker
  3. The locker door indicated will open up and you can unplug and remove the device.


  1. Scan your ID card at the locker, under the touch-screen, and follow the on-screen instructions
  2. The door of the locker will open.  
  3. Put the laptop back in the open locker and plug the power cable in to either of the USB-C ports on the sde.

If you have any problems, just ask a member of the library staff.



The Laptops

Dell Latitude 5520

 image of dell laptop

10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-10310U (6 MB cache, 4 cores, 8 threads)

Windows 11 Pro, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian

8 GB, 1 x 8 GB, DDR4, 3200 MHz

256 GB, M.2, PCIe NVMe, SSD, Class 35