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APA Style: Conference papers and poster sessions

APA Referencing

Conference Paper Tips

Conference papers can be published in book or periodical form or online.
To cite published proceedings from a book, use the same format as for a book or a book chapter.
To cite proceedings that are published regularly, use the same format as for a journal.
To cite proceedings that are published online, use the same format as for an online reference work.
For conference papers that have not been formally published, give the month and year of the conference in the reference.

Conference Papers And Poster Sessions

Conference paper in published proceedings (journal format)


In-text citation

(Herculano-Houzel et al., 2008)


Reference List

Herculano-Houzel, S., Collins, C. E., Wong, P., Kaas, J. H., & Lent, R. (2008). The basic nonuniformity of the cerebral cortex.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 105, 12593-12598. Https//



Author Surname, Initial(s)., Author Surname, Initial(s)., Author Surname, Initial(s)., Author Surname, Initial(s)., & Author Surname,

Initial(s)., (Year). Title of paper. Proceedings Title, Place of publication, Journal issue number, Page numbers. DOI or URL location


Conference paper published in book form

In-text citation

(Taylor & Lindsay, 2006)


Reference List

Taylor, J. L. & Lindsay, W. R. (2006). Developments in the treatment and management of offenders with intellectual disabilities. In: L.

Falshaw & L. Rayment (Eds.), Division of Forensic Psychology Conference 2006: Invited Symposiums (pp. 23-31). British Psychological Society.



Author Surname, Initial(s). (Year). Title of paper. In: Editor Initial(s). Surname (Ed(s).), Conference Title: volume number (if any). Theme

title (if any) (pp. page numbers). Publisher. DOI if there is one


Poster sessions


In-text citation

(Adams-Labonte, 2012)

Reference List

Adams-Labonte, S. K. (2012, August). Daytime impairment due to college students’ technology use during sleep: Similarities to sleep apnea

[Poster session]  American Psychological Association, Orlando, FL. 


Presenter Surname, Initial(s). (full date). Title of poster [Poster session]  Organisation Name, Location. URL if there is one.