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APA Style: Multiple works by the same author

APA Referencing

Citing Multiple Works By Same Author

References by the same author (or by the same group of authors in the same order) are arranged by year of publication in the Reference list, with the earliest first.

For references with the same author and year, the references are arranged alphabetically by title (ignoring "A" or "The"). Lower case letters (a, b, c) are added immediately after the year within parentheses.

Multiple Works By The Same Author

Reference List
List works by same authors in order of year of publication (earliest first)
List works by same author and year alphabetically by title (add letter to year)


In-text citation (paraphrase)


…in his work on rock art (Bednarik, 2001, 2003a). He also has interest in the watercraft during the Pleistocene (Bednarik, 2003c) and the figurines of Africa (Bednarik, 2003b).
In-text citation (quotation)
Reference List
Bednarik, R. G. (2001). Rock art science: The scientific study of palaeoart.
     Brepols Publishers.

Bednarik, R. G. (2003a). Concerns in rock art science. Aura Newsletter, 20(1), 1-4.

Bednarik, R. G. (2003b). A figurine from the African Acheulian. Current Anthropology,
      44(3), 405-413.

Bednarik, R. G. (2003c). Seafaring in the Pleistocene. Cambridge Archaeological
, 13(1), 41-66.