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Harvard Referencing - SETU Libraries Waterford Guide: Personal Communications (conversations, letters, e-mails, other online services etc)

Personal Communications (conversations, letters, e-mails, other online services etc)

Personal communications (include phone, email, skype, text message,unrecorded conversations on Zoom or Teams, online services such as Snapchat or WhatsApp, fax, letter, etc.) should be referenced as below:

Element. Example, including punctuation
Sender/Author(s) Walsh, T.
Year of communication (2017)
Medium of communication Email
Receiver of communication to Mary Power
Day/month of communication (if available) 21 February.
Reference List

Walsh, T. (2017) Email to Mary Power, 21 February.

Please note: for letters, emails, texts or faxes both the the in-text citations and references begin with the name of the sender of the communication.

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