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EndNote 20: Attaching PDFs & files

Find Full Text

The Find Full Text feature allows you to find the full-text of items in your EndNote library if they are available through Open Access. The find full text feature is accessible in a few ways.

  • Highlight the references you want full text pdfs for
  • Click on the Find Full Text button (page with magnifying glass symbol, highlighted below)
  • If a PDF is found it will automatically attach to the reference

Alternatively you can:

  • Highlight the references and click on References > Find Full Text > Find Full Text from the top menu 
  • Right click over the highlighted references and choose Find Full Text

Attaching a single file

The file attachment field allows you to attach files to individual references in your EndNote Library

  • In the PDF panel select Attach PDF

  • Any type of file can go into the attachment field: PDFs, jpgs, gifs, mpegs, excels or others
  • The field will accommodate up to 45 separate files.  (If you put a file in the image field, you can only put one)
  • A paper clip in the library display indicates there is a file attached to that reference

Importing a PDF file/folder of PDFs

If you have a folder of PDF articles on your computer that you would like to have in the EndNote library this can be easily done:

  • From the top menu choose File > Import > Folder
  • If the folder has PDFs in subfolders and you want to keep those files and that folder structure in Endnote click on Include files in subfolders and Create a Group Set for this import

EndNote will bring in the PDFs and also create corresponding references for them provided that EndNote can find the doi, you are connected to the internet and EndNote can find the reference indexed by 

If EndNote cannot find this information then the reference fields will not be populated correctly. If this is the case you can choose to:

  1. Edit the reference fields and manually add in the necessary information from the PDF to create a reference  

  2. Find the reference on a library database and export it to EndNote to create a complete reference
    - To attach the PDF from the incomplete reference, click on the incomplete reference

    - Copy the link from the browser window

    - Choose Attach File on the newly exported complete reference and paste the link into the File Name field.

    - Delete the incomplete reference 

Annotating PDFs

PDF attachments can be opened in a separate window and annotated

You can then explore the options to:

  • Add sticky notes
  • Highlight text
  • Underline and strikethrough text
  • Search within the document