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EndNote 20: Cite While You Write

What is Cite While You Write?

  • Cite While you Write (CWYW) is a tool which connects your EndNote account to MS Word. 
  • It makes referencing easy, provided the reference fields in your EndNote library have been populated correctly. 
  • You can use CWYW to add in-text citations to assignments and research papers. 
  • As you add the in-text citations a corresponding reference will be created at the end of your document.
  • Any changes you make to a reference in your EndNote library will also update where that reference or in-text citation appears in your document

Insert Citation

  • Open MS Word and select the EndNote 20 ribbon
  • This is automatically installed on MS Word when EndNote 20 is installed on your device



  • On the top left hand side of the Word document choose Insert Citation



  • Search for the authors name in the search box and click Find
  • Choose the reference you want to insert

Edit and Manage Citations

  • Select a citation in the document 
  • From the top left hand side choose Edit & Manage Citations


  • From here you can link to EndNote to edit a reference, remove citations and add page numbers, suffix and prefixes to your citation

Referencing / Output Styles

There are 100's of different referencing styles or output styles available through EndNote. The 500 most popular styles are available on the software and any additional styles needed can be downloaded from Output Styles on the Endnote website.

The file below is an EndNote style file for Harvard which follows the referencing guidelines on Harvard Referencing - SETU Waterford Libraries guide. It can be downloaded to EndNote Desktop by selecting it and then clicking the .ens link in your downloads folder. This will open up EndNote 20 where you will be prompted to save the style.